Alpha M. Project S1E2 | Kevin the Chiropractor Gets a Makeover

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This is the Alpha M. Project where each episode one viewer is helped by Aaron Marino of alpha m. with a style, image, or grooming issue. Today we're going to meet Kevin who is a 25-year old soon-to-be chiropractor that needs a style adjustment.

Kevin needs professional attire to dress the part of the chiropractor now that he's graduating as well as some grooming of the *scruff*. Alpha goes through Kevin's wardrobe, starting with his shoes. The square toed shoes are addressed first as well as some shoes that Alpha's math teacher wore and a functional pair.

Alpha gets a glimpse of what Kevin wears on a daily basis to clinic next. Kevin has a fantastic physique so his clothes needs to enhance and show him off. The fit is fairly baggy with the undershirt with extra room in the sleeves. His pants are "terrible" with pleats and tons of extra room. Alpha also assesses other aspects of Kevin's wardrobe such as his jeans which are also big and baggy.

A pre-shopping grooming session is first at Dyer and Posta Salon. Then they hit DSW for some shoes for dress shoes. At the mall, the bulk of the shopping is done for casual shoes (driving moccasins), jeans, dress pants, and shirts for a great basic starter professional wardrobe.

Before and after shots are displayed. And the video is wrapped up with Kevin looking like a million bucks. He feels awesome too. Kevin is ready to tackle those clients with confidence. Simple little changes can make a big difference.