Alpha M. Project S1E3 | The Middle Age Makeover with Charles the Bachelor

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is meeting Charles who is 57 years old. He's in incredible shape (runs & works out). He's also funny and charming but is in an incredible rut. He dresses like a middle-aged guy: pleated khaki's that are big and baggy, over-sized polo shirts, and button-down collar Ralph Lauren shirts. A style upgrade will do Charles, his image, and his confidence some good.

Charles is just like a lot of guys going through a mid-life adjustment. Alpha is the helping hand to push him in the right direction. Before they get started, they have a talk about what's going on with Charles. He is ready to make a change after moving to Atlanta a few years ago from Florida. He spent a lot of time in the sun in Florida, and Alpha's goal is to up Charles' skincare game. Charles is also self-conscious of his hair due to the color as he thinks it reflects older age. He would like it to be darker. He feels 27 even though he's 57. He's finished 8 marathons in the last 4 years.

Alpha goes through Charles' clothes which are like most corporate America, middle-aged men: a sea of polo shirts and pleated khakis. The goal is to put Charles in clothes that accentuate his positive attributes such as his rock solid body. Charles demonstrates his typical work attire which match but are really baggy. The cap-toe shoes also need improvement. The pants need to be flat front, and the polo needs better fabric.

First up is a hair cut at Dyer & Posta Salon. The color is going a bit darker, the top is remaining longer, and the sides are going tighter. Second, Alpha and Charles talk about changing his rut by getting out and meeting others. He needs to get out of his apartment.

His shoes are the next target. Then they shop for clothes as well as groom his facial hair. Alpha is going to experiment with a goatee to keep a little detail in the lower part of his face for balance. He also tutors Charles about skin care: exfoliate (Billy Jealousy LiquidSand), clean (Billy Jealousy White Knight), and moisturize (Billy Jealousy Combat Lines). Billy Jealousy Shave3Some is used for Charles' shaving.

Charles looks like a million bucks in his new outfit in clothes that fit him and are stylish. Calvin Klein polo style shirt, straight fit jeans, and a great pair of loafers that match the belt. The next outfit is for business or a night out-on-the-town. The shirt is tailored, black, simple, no buttons on the collar. The pants are a better fitting pair of Dockers (slimmer fit in the leg). The black shoes are stylish. Last is the suit which is a perfect charcoal gray suit. Alpha is so incredibly proud of him!