Audition Winners! | Alpha M. Project Season 2

Flex Belt
Brian 21 year old | Alpha M. Project Audition
Quinn 28 year old | Alpha M. Project Audition
Michael 44 year old | Alpha M. Project Audition
Anthony 24 year old | Alpha M. Project Audition
Eric 23 year old | Alpha M. Project Audition

Aaron Marino of alpha m. calls the audition winners of the Alpha M. Project Season 2.  He gets all voice-mails but then Anthony calls him back.

Filming starts in two weeks! This season is very special for Alpha. He's had to overcome a lot of adversity to bring this season forward. He tells the story of what happened.

A Kickstarter campaign was started to fund the season. The campaign was going okay, but Alpha didn't think he was going to get funded. So he reached out to a company as a sponsor who agreed to the project. Subsequently, the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled. Alpha was excited until... the sponsoring company backed out after everything was announced. This is a perfect of example of getting kicked in the teeth and either deciding to (1) stay down or (2) move forward.

Alpha figured out a way to move forward after getting focused. He got creative. He's actually thankful for his original sponsor for backing out. Now he realizes just how creative, strong, and powerful he is! This has been an incredible learning experience. He now has five amazing sponsors! He took chances and asked for help. It feels so good, and this season is super special.