Alpha M. Project Season 2 | Behind the Scenes with Quinn

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Quinn Audition Video
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a behind the scenes when he and Christian are picking up the first Alpha M. Project Season 2 client (Quinn) from the airport. This season, and this episode specifically, is very special to Alpha since it's been such a struggle. He is thrilled to share it with you.

This season has some amazing sponsors! DazzlePro, Flex Belt, and RibbedTee all stepped up for Alpha M. Also, JCPenney is a sponsor that is letting Alpha M. have the run of the store!

Alpha introduces Quinn who is from Austin, TX. His video was funny, and he's pumped about this weekend. First, they're going to check out the Alpha M. Project Penthouse- it's killer! They film is 'before' wardrobe, then they're getting Quinn's hair cut.

The next day is all about shopping and dining. Quinn feels great! Check out his new hair and facial grooming. JCPenney has hooked it up. They are providing the clothing for this series. The outfit combinations are amazing!

Quinn is now on his way back home. It's been a life changing event. October 30th is the launch of this episode, Love it, get involved, and share it! Alpha says it's his best video to date. See ya later