Alpha M. Project Season 2 | Behind the Scenes with Brian

Flex Belt
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Brian Audition Video
Aaron Marino of alpha m. and Christian Eaves are on their way to pick up Brian for episode 2 of Alpha M. Project. Brian's family was searching for the American Dream and moved to the USA from Korea when Brian was in the 4th grade. Brian has been a good son and done what his parents expected of him. He's now 21 years old and has his degree. He now realizes there is more out there for him and wants to find his American Dream.

Today is all about shoes. Tomorrow is all about hair and clothing. The episode will finish at a super cool, trendy restaurant. Brian is nervous, but they have to roll because Stephen is expecting them.

Christian Eaves gets introduced. He is 22 years old and got his start 12 years ago with a camcorder. He loves filming everything. His plans for the future are to make any and all kinds of films. Alpha adds that Christian is incredible at what he does. It's one guy that does it all, and he's incredibly talented.

Wait until you see this video - wait until you see the amount of clothes! This episode may even exceed episode 1! Tune in on Thanksgiving!