Alpha M Project Michael | A Men’s Makeover Series | S2E3

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents episode 3 which features a classic middle age makeover. Michael is a husband and father, who focuses on his responsibilities rather than looking after himself.

Alpha has a bit of fun finding Michael at baggage claim. Then they get him checked into the Alpha M. Penthouse. Alpha goes over the agenda for the project as well as interviews Michael. Michael feels like the 'average middle aged guy' and says that he doesn't want to be average. He knows he can do better and different. Alpha discusses how Michael focuses on being a husband and father but falls down on taking care of himself. Michael adds that he needs to be well-rounded to be a good husband and father. Alpha adds that guys are pressured to be 'all these things' and many men fall down on taking care of themselves.

Alpha checks out Micheal's current wardrobe. The first outfit is a common issue: an older guy wearing youthful clothes. He needs new jeans and belt that fit. The second outfit is drab with incorrect coloring. The next outfit makes Michael look like a middle aged dad.

Every great outfit starts with the feet, so Alpha and Michael go shoe shopping. They start by teaching Michael how to use a shoe horn. Michael hits some roadblocks but wants to step outside his comfort zone. Alpha adds that Michael needs to be more fashion forward. They purchased three pairs of shoes, including a sweet pair of boots.

Next, they head over to see Stephen at Dyer and Posta salon. The length on the top is going to remain with the sides tightened up. Micheal feels great and really likes it.

Alpha and Michael now go shopping at JCPenney for an entirely new wardrobe including jeans, flat front pants, shirts, and suits. He will have an incredible wardrobe that he enjoys wearing! Alpha demonstrates how Michael typically wears a medium but has Micheal try a small which is perfect! Sizing down doesn't hurt to try! Chinos in a slim fit is another option-- which they size down for a more tapered and tailored fit through the thigh. Next, Alpha hunts for slacks for dressing up. In the end, they found some amazing clothes for incredible outfits for only $658!

They got so many great items that over 100 combinations could be put together. The first outfit is clean and simple. The next outfit is a sexy outfit for going out on the town. Then he is totally killing it with a velvet sports coat and jeans. Another killer outfit is a prime example of Michael stepping outside of the style box - it's an eclectic blend of cool stuff. Last, a western inspired look keeps it clean, basic, simple, and sexy.

Michael receives his parting gifts from Vitagoods, Flex Belt, DazzlePro, and RibbedTee. He says the experience is amazing. Alpha helped him getting over mental road blocks and helped his confidence. Alpha says that the middle aged makeover is complete, and Michael looks like a new man!