Alpha M. Project Season 2 | Behind the Scenes with Tony

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Tony Audition Video
Aaron Marino of alpha m. is excited! This Alpha M. Project is going to knock your socks off! Here's the deal- Tony is incredibly interesting to Alpha. He broke up with his girlfriend and has been in a dark place. He suffers from clinical depression and is in a style rut. He's Gothic and edgy. How can Alpha help him? What Alpha figured out is that they're not going to change him; however, they're going to elevate the Gothic look. Alpha wants to make him smile and make him happier by changing him from the outside-in.

Alpha is getting educated about everything Gothic, the style, culture, and how Tony got into it. He has a better understanding now. This Alpha M. Project is going to be phenomenal and totally different than Alpha has ever done or you have ever seen.

Check out Tony's pants! They are velvet, and the outfit that goes with them is beautiful. It's not Alpha's taste, but it's sweet. They are going for a hair cut and shopping, stepping outside of Alpha's comfort zone and possibly Tony's. His haircut is breaking it up for texture and dimension. When wearing down, it will have more life and body. And when pulling it back, he can be more refined and presentable when dressing up.

They rocked the shopping excursion! Tony was outside of his comfort zone, and it was a good step. He's excited. Alpha goes over the items they got for his wardrobe. They are going back to put together outfits. The experience was amazing for Tony. He had the best weekend all year. Alpha was hesitant about how it would turn out because Tony was in a rut and depressed. But Alpha said the experience with Tony has been amazing for him as well.

Check out S2E4 on January 1st! Start the New Year out right!