Alpha M. Project Tony | A Men's Makeover Series | S2E4

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. introduces episode 4 which is going Gothic. A 24 year old artist, Tony has a darker and edgier style, and Alpha is going to try to refine his look and style. But this episode is two pronged as he's also in an emotional rut. He's looking to find himself and find a reason to smile when he wakes up in the morning.

Alpha gets an eduction about Gothic life and fashion. He's stepping outside of his comfort zone as much as Tony is. During his interview, Tony talks about suffering from clinic depression and how he was 'shot downhill'. He is artistic, and he gets some of his inspiration from his beliefs. His Gothic style comes from having an appreciation of sorrowful and melancholy things. Alpha's goal is to help Tony to 'up his game' and boost his self confidence and esteem. Tony mentions that he 'hates' looking at himself, and Alpha responds that he wants to blend items to brighten things up a bit.

Alpha evaluates Tony's wardrobe. This first outfit has a jacket with prayers and it fits well. The second outfit fits well too but the shirt is worn a bit. The third outfit is for a formal event. Alpha says he's dressing like a 'lesbian' and he needs a more fitted option with a stylized boot. The final outfit is unbelievably & insanely gorgeous and something Tony wears out on the town. It makes Alpha speechless.

The process starts with shoe shopping. Alpha states that Tony has to step somewhat out of his comfort zone. They hit Nordstrom Rack for black monk straps and Chelsea boots. Nordstrom Rack has some great shoe deals, which Alpha demonstrates. Alpha relays a few tips: (1) Dress shoes are uncomfortable, so Alpha throws old sneaker inserts in them. (2) Walk on the hardest surface in the shoe store to give the most accurate read on how comfortable the shoes are.

The next day is hair cut time with Dyar and Posta. Stephen is going to add some layers for an upbeat and updated look but will keep the length. With long hair, you are limited with styling options. The layers add definition and texture. It will be long enough to be pulled back for a more professional and polished look. Pete and Pedro Cream is the product of choice. His hair is styled into a mun for an edgy look. Alpha works on his facial hair which is a shorter beard and a cleaned up neck beard.

Shopping for an entirely new wardrobe takes place at JCPenney. Alpha gets Tony to try on a navy sports coat as well as a slim fit suit separates pant. They are off the rack perfection. The suit is unbelievable! The J. Ferrar slim fit shirts look incredible, and the pocket square is perfect. Tony feels like he's having a Christmas! Alpha picks up many other items, stating this is going better than he ever imagined. The new and improved, super sleek and sexy, wardrobe- Alpha and Tony came, saw, and ROCKED! All of those clothes $571!

The first combination is clean, simple, sexy, and still dark and mysterious. The next outfit is equally awesome- the suit is amazing and refined but not redefining. The third outfit is the testament to Tony's willingness to step outside of his comfort zone. The next outfit is sick! Tony states that it's his favorite outfit. The last look is dynamite and elevates the sexy.

Tony receives his parting gifts. He feels like he has a few more reasons to smile now. The episode has been epic, and thus, it's time for an epic meal. Tony is still processing the session, and his confidence has been raised to a healthier level. He thanks everyone and is eternally grateful to Alpha. He feels his style has been elevated and is the catalyst for him to move forward in his life.