Alpha M. Project Season 2 | Behind the Scenes with Eric

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The final episode for Alpha M. Project Season 2 is here. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is meeting Eric who lost 160 pounds ... and is still losing! The catalyst that made him take action was November 10, 2010 when a bunch of turmoil and chaos was taking place. He realized the he is the only person that can make himself happy. He realized he needed to change his life. So he took that first step and started walking on a treadmill.

Eric has lost all of this weight but has 'zero style'. The good news is that he's with Alpha! When Alpha goes through his wardrobe, he notes that Eric is 'branded out' as well his clothes don't fit him properly. He works on Wall Street so he needs some sleek and sexy outfits.The clothes shopping results you'll freak over! The items are incredible and fit great!

Alpha also discusses his curly locks. With this hair they are going to leave some of the length but take it tighter to the sides and back. They are going to clean up his facial hair. He's never used product before, but they used product on his style now.

The weekend was long and amazing. Eric has done something incredible with taking control of his life and losing 160 pounds Be sure to check out the episode on January 22nd when this season finale airs! Thanks for watching!