Alpha M Project Eric | A Men's Makeover Series | S2E5

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. brings you the finale of the Alpha M. Project Season Two. Today, we are meeting Eric whose transformation started 4 years ago. He's lost 160 pounds, but he hasn't found a style that compliments and showcases his hard work. That's where Alpha comes in.

At 19 years old, Eric weighed over 400 pounds, and his mental state was unstable and depressed. It was a vicious cycle. The deciding factor was when turmoil was going on in his family. He contemplated hurting himself because he didn't feel good about anything. But since then, his life has taken a 360 degree turn. He's lost 160 pounds and has a great job. As far as girls, he has a girlfriend now. His girlfriend and his mother are buying his clothes, which Alpha says is not setting Eric in the right direction unless they're super stylish and into men's fashion.

Alpha goes over Eric's present wardrobe to assess what they need to adjust. Eric's clothes are too big, including his work clothes. He is a lot smaller than the clothes he's wearing, and the clothes make him look heavier than he is. He only has one pair of jeans, which will change, as well as the big logo tee and Tap Out hoodie that will change. Alpha is aiming toward clean, simple, polished and professional.

The shoes are the first target, which they are going to DSW. Monk straps are the perfect shoe because they are very versitle. They successfully score four pair of great shoes: brown, 2 black, and fashion sneakers. Day one is in the books!

Day two of the Alpha M. Project starts at the Dyer and Posta Salon. Curly hair is tricky so Stephen has a strategy of cutting the hair dry for basic shape, re-wetting it, and then cutting again. If you have a round face, make sure your hair is not wide. Hair with height will slim the face. Pete and Pedro Paste is the product of choice. Alpha completes the experience at Dyer and Posta by grooming Eric's facial hair.

At JCPenney, they embark on 'Operation Business Casual'! Alpha discusses options for Eric and where he can wear these specific pieces: sports jackets, driving jacket, jeans, dress shirts, suits and more. All of those clothes were only $611!

He looks like he belongs on Wall Street now. The first outfit looks powerful and strong, and Eric feels confident. The second outfit screams sexy, stylish, and sleek. Eric loves the charcoal driving jacket. The next outfit is dynamite! The look exemplifies look young, polished, and professional. There's nothing better than dressing up dark washed jeans and is the perfect look for after work. The last look is casual and sophisticated. Eric feels amazing.

Eric receives his parting gift from Flex Belt, Vitagoods, DazzlePro, and RibbedTee before heading out for dinner. Eric describes his confidence-building experience with Alpha as well as thanks the sponsors, supports, and the Alpha M. Project. The experience was truly amazing for him, and he has learned how to project a good first impression through style.