Alpha M Project | A Men's Makeover Series | Season 2 Rewind

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Alpha M Project Quinn | Men's Makeover Series | Season Premier S2E1
Alpha M Project Brian | A Men's Makeover Series | S2E2
Alpha M Project Michael | A Men’s Makeover Series | S2E3
Alpha M. Project Tony | A Men's Makeover Series | S2E4
Alpha M Project Eric | A Men's Makeover Series | S2E5
Aaron Marino of alpha m. rewinds Season 2 which was an amazing! Alpha's goal was to change the lives of 5 guys. Viewers selected the guys from audition videos, and Alpha couldn't have picked 5 better guys. They were all incredible men.

Episode 1: Quinn was a bachelor on a budget. He was funny and looked like a model. He was game for pretty much anything/

Episode 2: Brian was the self-proclaimed science geek. He fell in love with everything we put him, and we stepped outside of the box with hair highlights. He was built like a mannequin so everything fit perfectly.

Episode 3: Michael was a husband and father of three who let himself go due to focusing on everything and everyone else. Alpha had all the tools to transform his look from average to outstanding. He was a little resistant to change but ultimately he had one of the most dramatic and drastic transformations of the season.

Episode 4: Tony was a Gothic artist and most challenge clients to-date. Alpha didn't try to reinvent or change him. His goal was to elevate and refine his look and style.

Episode 5: Eric lost 160 pounds and as a result he had nothing in his wardrobe that fit him. He needed office and nightlife clothing. His hair needed to be tamed and maintain it.

Alpha discussed the process of funding for the season, ranging from a failed Kickstarter campaign to a major sponsor who pulled-out. The project didn't have a shoe sponsor so challenges arose when filming. The amazing Alpha M. Project sponsors that stepped up included:

  • JCPenney - incredible clothing at an incredible price. What was really cool was that the company allowed filming within their store.
  • DazzlePro 70% off alphabrush
  • Flex Belt $50 Off YOUR very own Flex Belt
  • RibbedTee
  • Vitagoods


Before Season 3 is announced, Alpha has to figure out how to pay for it. We need cash, and we need more sponsors. If you know anyone who can contribute, let us know. Alpha wants to change more lives, including possibly internationally. Email me [email protected] to discuss season 3 partnership!

Thanks to Dyer and Posta Salon and Christian Eaves. Thanks for being a part of Alpha M. Project! Thanks for watching!