Alpha M. Project | Chris & His Wife S4E4

Flex Belt
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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro received over 1,000 auditions for the Alpha M. Project Season 4. The field was narrowed to 24 and then viewers voted for the favorite top 5! Now Alpha is presenting episode 4 of season 4, featuring none other than ALPHA!


Francesca submitted the audition tape for her husband, Chris. She showed everyone what Chris looks like when they go out, and she pleaded for Alpha's help. Chris adds that he wants to do better for his wife. He said he'll be 'style putty' in Alpha's hands! In Alpha's office, Chris talks about his 80 pound weight loss after he thought he had a heart attack. He dieted, exercised, and got support from his wife. Francesca says that Chris's style used to be whatever she could find in a store when he was a bigger guy. Now that he's lost weight, his style is a hodgepodge. Chris wants to make this transformation and change so his wife will be as proud of him as he is of her.

Current Wardrobe

Currently, Chris wears Crocs and football jerseys with long jean shorts (9" too long). Alpha says that he looks like a little kid. What Chris typically wears to the office / work includes a huge vest with shoulder nipples and gigantic pants. The next outfit is a typical date look, which Alpha notes that the shirt pattern and jeans could be better. The jeans bunch, and the boots will 'melt' in the summer. With the next ensemble, Chris likes the way it looks but Alpha says that the baseball tee can be better. Additionally, the camo combined with the big baggy jeans and 15+ year old boots can be so much better. Alpha concludes that the belt is a disaster, ready to pop.

Grooming and Shopping Trip

At Dyar and Posta salon, Stephen's goal is to get rid of the school-boy look. The sides will get tightened up too.  Chris is thrifty, so he'll probably get some sticker shock when shopping. But Alpha reminds Chris that this shopping trip is about him. Johnston & Murphy is first up, and then they visited UNTUCKit. UNTUCKit is great for guys who want a nice fitting shirt that is not too long and can be worn casually. Chris is the perfect candidate for some UNTUCKit shirts. The trip was incredible with insane sales, 50% off at the GAP included. They crushed it!

Presenting the New Wardrobe

The inspiration for the first outfit (casual cool) was his lovely wife: lightweight puffer jacket, white long sleeve tee, light wash jeans, fabric belt, and white Pumas. The next one is monochromatic (gray) dangerous: light weight flannel trousers, light weight v neck sweater, black belt, cool watch, and black shoes. This outfit can be changed up with v neck sweater with color. The following outfit features UNTUCKit casual shirt, slim fit chinos, matching belt, watch, Clubmaster Ray-Bans, and double monks. Alpha loves the last outfit: green jacket, camel lightweight v neck sweater, dark non-distressed jeans, and chelsea boots. Chris loves the fit and feel, and Francesca says it's her favorite outfit.

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It's a Wrap

Chris thought the entire experience was eye-opening. He started off apprehensive, but Chris was grateful for how Alpha took his time. Chris noted how knowledgeable and patient Alpha was. Chris also appreciated having Francesca come along.