Alpha M. Project | Nathan S4E5 {Finale}

Flex Belt
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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarinoPete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor received over 1,000 auditions for the Alpha M. Project Season 4. The field was narrowed to 24 and then viewers voted for the favorite top 5! Now Alpha is presenting episode 5 of season 4, the season finale!


Nathan is 27 years old, married, and has a child. His life has been full of struggles including being homeless. His mother was a single mom, and money was always tight. He never could have friends come over because he was in a homeless shelter. His mother was always working so he couldn't be taken to a friends house. Also, he moved 20 times in 27 years which was prohibitive to having long term friends. He now has a career in the tech industry which supports his family. To advance his career, he knows his style matters.

Current Wardrobe

Nathan is what the Alpha M. Project is all about -- so Alpha is so happy Nathan's episode is the finale. Nathan's story touched Alpha - it's amazing. Nathan discusses his clothing -- most of the pieces came from Kohl's. The wardrobe consists of mainly polos and khakis which is his staple for work. His shoes can be better, and the fit of the shirts and pants can be better too. Nathan displays his date outfit too. He has to be thrifty with his money so his goal was to cross-utilize the pieces. He also has another pair of shoes (red sneakers), shorts (his only pair), and a belt (worn-out leather). Nathan even brought some coupons!

Grooming and Shopping Trip

At Dyar and Posta Salon, Nathan is getting his hair done with Madison. They're keeping the length but texturing it. They're also going to taper the sides. Alpha styles it with Pete and Pedro SALT and Putty, then hits it with the hairdryer. The beard is tightened up too. The head to Johnson & Murphy and Macy's for his shopping spree. They find some slip-on fashion sneakers, black dress shoes, slip-on loafers, and double monks. They also hit DXL for green cargo shorts, chinos, slacks, and jeans. They got shirts for days, pull-overs, hoodies, and more! Big dude clothes cost more, but they found some deals. Nathan wanted Anson Belt & Buckle more than anything. And they hooked him up!

Presenting the New Wardrobe

The first look screams smart casual: cool fashion sneakers, olive green chinos, white oxford, and Henley. The second outfit features slip-on black shoes, slacks, jacket, and button-down plaid oxford. The next ensemble is a blue K&G suit for $120 with double monk shoes, shirt, tie, and pocket square. Last, the final outfit is an 'everywhere look' with slip-on loafers, Lucky non-distressed jeans, and short sleeve button-down shirt.

Alpha M. Project Sponsored Gear


It's a Wrap

Nathan said that it's hard to believe that he was part of the Alpha M. Project. The entire process has been surreal. He told Alpha that the he would have never pulled these items off of the shelf -- he's now been brought to another level. He thanks the sponsors, voters, and everyone involved for their generosity.