10 Quick & Easy Ways to be MORE Attractive to Women!

July 7, 2021
The truth is that I am not ashamed to admit that I want to be viewed as attractive. But, unfortunately, when it comes to attraction, you can’t change some things like your height, and some things take a while to change, like your body. But some things can be changed instantly to boost your attraction level with spicy senoritas.

INSTANTLY boost your allure!

  1. Shave your head — women favor men with shaved heads. Consistently, women view bald men as more attractive, trustworthy, masculine, and sexy. So, if you are balding, grab your grooming tool and buzz it off!
  2. Don’t take selfies — dudes that post multitudes of pictures are viewed as vain, conceited, and narcissistic, which none are attractive. 
  3. Have a dog — dudes are viewed as more attractive, nurturing, kind, and patient. Take the dog to the park around spicy senoritas — and they will flock! If the dog is jacked up, the sexier you become.
  4. Expose your forearms — it’s the sexiest part of men per women. It’s all about seeing a little skin.
  5. Rock a pair of frames — you’ll look more interesting, sexy, and attractive!
  6. Looking older or more mature — you can do this by changing how you dress.
  7. Facial hair — women love beards! From clean shaven to scruff to 10-day stubble to full beard, women prefer 10-day stubble resoundingly.
  8. Smell amazing — fragrance is one part of it. The other part of smelling amazing is deodorant; when you wear something that smells good, your self-esteem is boosted. So, smell amazing to boost your confidence.
  9. Be kind — kind and helpful people are viewed as more attractive.
  10. Stop kissing her ass — if she’s sassy, she’s used to being fawned on. But, on the other hand, if you’re like ‘whatever’, she’ll wonder why you’re not giving her attention and want you.


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