Do THIS to Get a BETTER Beard in 30 Days {THICKER, FULLER, FASTER}!

May 19, 2022
The quickest and easiest way to be sexier is to grow a badass beard. The problem is that many men can’t because of genetics or being follicly challenged. I’m going over a 30-day plan to help you and your beard be the best possible, regardless if you are Patch Adams or are limited in terms of your facial hair density. I’m also going to show you some tricks to make it look thicker and sexier.

Get that hair to grow!

A lot of times, genetics is going to determine your beard. But the good news is as you age, your beard patches will fill in. I used to be patchy until I hit 30 years old when my beard started to fill in. You can also facilitate growth with Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine. Do your research before using it. Biotin supplements are also another game-changer for hair growth. Micro-needling is another option, where little pins stimulate blood and nutrients to facilitate follicle growth.

Grow it for 10 days

Grow your beard for 10 days unobstructed and untrimmed. During those 10 days, brush your beard with a boar’s bristle brush to stimulate blood flow and bring nutrients to the surface. Also, during these 10 days, use a quality beard oil to eliminate itching and help nourish and hydrate your follicles. After 10 days, clean up the boundaries on your cheeks and neck, following the natural growth pattern. Don’t trim it too thin or let it grow too full and bushy. Watch my demonstration on how to find your boundaries. After this point, you will have a better idea of what’s going on with your hair.

Let it go for 20 more days unless you can rock a full beard at 10 days. Studies show that women prefer 10-day stubble as ideal and the sexiest. The facial hair I am rocking is 6 mm or about 20 days’ worth of growth. So to maintain, I use a 6 mm attachment and go over my beard to keep this length. I do taper my beard as well, which I demonstrate.

Taking  your facial hair from day 10 to day 30

From day 10 through 30, I want you to continue to brush it every day, twice a day. This will help train your hairs to grow in a specific direction and camouflage any patchy areas. Before they actually get to this point, many guys will have shaved off their facial hair. You need to start experimenting with your beard and not apologize for it.

Facial hair will help strengthen a weak jaw as long as you don’t do that neck fat trimming that 90% of dudes do now. Also, after 30 days, I want you to analyze your beard. If it’s real patchy with very apparent bald areas and brushing will not cover it, take it shorter. Even if you have a patchy beard, a short patchy beard looks better than a long patchy and scraggly beard.

Another step you can take is to dye your beard a darker color. You will notice that the small hairs that are fine and light-colored will darken. We are not all blessed with amazing beard genetics. But if you follow the plan that I outlined for the next 30 days, you will unlock and unleash your beard’s super sexy potential.

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