5 Jackets that Make You Look Like a Badass… INSTANTLY

September 28, 2023
I love this time of year so much because we can finally break out our badass lightweight jackets. They’re a men’s style essential that you will love to wear for years and years and years. But remember that some jackets will make you look ‘nice’ while others will make you look ‘warm.’ You want to look like a badass! In honor of fall, I would like to review my five jacket pics that instantly make you look badass.

Automatically look BADASS

  1. Denim trucker jacket. This jacket is one of the most badass jackets a man can wear. Whenever I see a guy rocking denim, I automatically know that he knows what’s up about style. Many dudes aren’t comfortable wearing denim because they don’t know what to wear with it. Check out my outfit examples.
  2. Field jacket. This classic jacket is super masculine with its incredibly simplistic structure that works well with different outfits. It’s super rugged and looks great when paired with jeans and minimal leather sneakers. This jacket is minimal and doesn’t have a lot of bling or flash. It’s age-appropriate for anybody.
  3. Leather jacket. Every man needs a badass leather jacket. Regarding age appropriateness, you must consider the different jackets’ aesthetics. A motorcycle jacket will not look great if you’re an older man. Instead, go with a racer jacket, which is versatile, clean, and minimal. It doesn’t have an oversized collar or many zippers and flash. Also, when purchasing a leather jacket, focus on fit. Make sure your leather jacket fits properly when you zip it up. It should feel snug and not be big and baggy. Check out some of the outfits that I pair mine with. I love combining brown with black — it’s incredible. Many guys are weird about wearing black and then throwing in some brown. Not only does the combination work, but it makes you look extra badass.
  4. Driving jacket. If you’re looking for a clean, classic, and badass jacket, driving jackets are unbelievably sexy and appropriate. You can dress the jacket up or down. Check out my examples. The driving jacket is a more refined version of a badass pea coat.
  5. Pea coat. This jacket is a men’s fall and winter essential. I love these jackets for several reasons. They’re clean and make you look masculine and rugged. The double lapel is impressive because it will cinch your waist and make your shoulders look broad and masculine.
  6. Bomber jacket. This jacket is clean and classic, making you look badass. It’s perfect for layering, which you can throw over a tee shirt, henley, or long-sleeve shirt. Bombers come in a variety of options and fabrics. I also like the puffer bomber that is more appropriate for colder months. And a leather bomber, which Thursday Boots just dropped, is badass.

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