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10 Best Supplements for Building a Better Body
Alpha scored the spicy senorita who he spotted in the gym doing bicep curls wrong — and she’s still be his side 16 years later. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY says that it never would have happened if he hadn’t read the signs she was giving him. Here’s how he knew (and what he said thereafter).

Signs a Woman Wants to Be Approached at the Gym

  1. She’s interested in you, she’ll take the piece of cardio equipment right next to you when many pieces of equipment are open.
  2. When you’re lifting weights, she always seems to be close to you.
  3. When she gets close to you, she takes out one of her earbuds or off her headphones.
  4. She smiles combined with eye contact is an undeniable sign.
  5. She asks to work in or asks you for a spot.
  6. She keeps checking you out.

ICEBREAKERS! What to Say to That Woman

  1. “Hi! Excuse me — I gotta run to the bathroom. Would you mind just watching my stuff to make sure nobody steals it? And if they try, beat ’em up! Okay? I’ll be right back!” When you come back, you can play around and ask her if she had to beat anyone up.
  2. Refer to the 85# dumbbells and ask her if she’s using them. The conversation can roll.
  3. “How many more sets do you have? Do you mind if I work in?”
  4. Compliment her shoes or headphones — both are neutral and okay to comment on
  5. “Excuse me — I was just I saw that exercise that you were doing, and I’ve never seen it before. What exactly is it working?” Then joke around and ask if you need it because 9 times out of 10 it will pertain to the glutes or butt.
  6. If she hasn’t been to the gym, ask her where she’s been the next time you see.

New to the Gym? More Advanced? Read This

Alpha always does cardio — every single day first thing in the morning because it works best to remove body fat so he can stay lean. He does cardio in his target zone as well as takes L-Carnitine and CLA before he goes.  Although no supplement is going to fix a crappy diet, Alpha thinks that a great whole food multivitamin is also imperative, so he takes New Chapter multivitamin. Now, if you’re just starting out in the gym, don’t worry as much about about supplements as focusing on  your gym consistency and diet. For a seven day free trial of Alpha’s Tailored, click here. With this, you’ll also get all of the other programs too!

But, the one supplement that he recommends regardless if you’re new or a little more advanced is the Signature Series protien powder. It’s his all time favorite, and now they have this new flavor, oatmeal cookie, that is out of this world. Birthday cake is also ridiculous! As soon as he’s done lifting, he takes a scoop of protien powder with water in a shaker bottle — he feels everyone who lifts weights should be taking it. If you’re more advanced and have been working out for a while, he feels as if there’s a benefit to taking creatine monohydrate as well as L-Carnitine and CLA to shred body fat. They’ve worked for Alpha for years as well as so many other guys who email him daily to say they’ve dropped weight thanks to fasted cardio + these supplements.