7 EASY Ways to BOOST Testosterone + Increase Muscle MASS! (FAST)

July 8, 2021
We’re giving testosterone a solid today. We’re also going to talk about muscle growth, because the two are closely connected. What you need to do to keep your testosterone at optimal levels is the same thing you need to do to have giant guns! Here’s how to boost testosterone levels easily without TRT.

Get your testosterone levels {BOOM!} and your muscles {BANG!}

  1. Lift heavy sh!t — your body will release testosterone with exercises that use lots of muscles. My favorites are squats, dead-lifts, bench press, pull ups, rows, and shoulder press.
  2. Eat these three things – protein, healthy fats, AND carbs (yes, they are okay and essential). It’s all about balance and not extreme one way or another. Don’t under or over eat as well. Every day after working out, I drink a BEAM protein shake. It’s super high quality stuff — I love the salted peanut butter.
  3. Sleep more — you need more than 5 hours a night. You could experience a reduction of testosterone by 15% if less than that! A lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels, which decreases testosterone levels.
  4. Chill out — there’s a direct correlation between an increase in cortisol and a decrease in testosterone levels. Further, cortisol has a catabolic effect on the body and muscle growth; if you get your stress under control, you’ll stop the catabolism.
  5. Take Vitamin D and Zinc — 50% of US men are deficient in Vitamin D; supplement 3,000 IUs to increase testosterone 25%. Zinc is also a big one; take a whole food multivitamin with zinc. 
  6. Reduce your body fat — the more body fat, the lower testosterone levels. Obese men between 14-20 year old had 50% lower testosterone level than the same age of normal weight. If you lose body fat, Big Al will get bigger too. You will also look and feel amazing!
  7. Reduce alcohol and drug intake — with routine usage, they mess up your hormone levels. Also man boobs are developed, and alcohol contributes to protein break-down.


Grab the protein and give it a try! I make a lemon creamsicle with the BEAM vanilla soft serve. Check out my recipe in this video where I demonstrate this creamy deliciousness! Also, the BEAM pre-workout is next level in terms of natural and clean energy — no crash!

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