9 Male Traits Females are POWERLESS to Resist {Science-Based}

June 21, 2024
I stumbled on ‘attraction gold’ the other day over on Reddit. Sometimes, I get inspiration from Reddit, where I also learn from others by reading what others are saying. I was on a dating Subreddit when I saw an amazing question about the most attractive traits a man can have physically or personality-wise.

I love this topic so much because most of us are not born with Greek god-like good looks. But you can work on traits that render women powerless to resist you. You don’t have to be 6 ft 2, 250 lb of twisted steel and sex appeal. You don’t need a six-pack or banging booty. You don’t need a big wiener or a ton of cash. You need a few basic traits, which include not being sloppy, taking care of yourself, being well-groomed, smelling like an icon, being respectful, being smart, and most importantly, being a good person.

Traits to make her powerless over you

  1. Intelligence. Intelligence is one of those traits that is almost like an attraction superpower. But let others know you’re intelligent without being a know-it-all. Have an opinion, speak your mind, and talk about topics in a well-rounded conversation.
  2. Smell good. Many women are turned on by a man who smells good. This is the number one attractive trade a man can possess. Allure her with Pete & Pedro’s new men’s EDP cologne ICON.
  3. Eyes. Eyes are one of the sexiest traits that a dude can have. Make sure your eyebrows are not too overly plucked or arched. Also, make sure they’re not too big or bulky. With circles, you need to get enough sleep.
  4. Compliment. If you’re a guy who compliments others, you will boost someone’s self-esteem and confidence. This makes you more attractive.
  5. Sense of humor. If you’re funny, it’s game over, and you win. Being funny is the second most attractive trait a dude can possess. A woman would much rather date a guy who can make them laugh than a boring guy who looks amazing. Develop a sense of humor. Send her memes.
  6. Cook dinner. You don’t have to cook anything fancy. Light a candle, set the mood, pour some wine, and you’re good.
  7. Take care of yourself. 95% of dudes are filthy, nasty animals, so pay close attention to your style, hygiene, and grooming.
  8. Manners. Say please and thank you. Open the door.
  9. Altruistic. Be a good person and have a kind heart. Don’t be a nice guy who just does stuff to get something in return. Be a genuinely good person, which is undeniably attractive.

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