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BY admin January 22, 2021


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Aaron Marino’s Daily Healthy Diet to Be LEAN & MUSCULAR

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Proper diet planning prevents poor diet performance. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY showing you his diet plan — which starts with Sunday prepping. His diet is pretty boring, where he eats practically the same thing every week. But, clean living and clean eating is why he can remain lean in his 40s.

What Alpha Eats Everyday

MEAL PREP :: On Sunday, he preps the week’s meats on the grill. He’s also making a batch of barley (low glycemic index and tastes like what you season it with). The meat and barley are the foundation of his meals throughout the week. He uses Hello Fresh for three nights a week — his wife is picking this night’s meal, which is the Mediterranean Baked Veggies. The ingredients are super fresh & precisely the amount you need for that meal, and the meals are fresh, easy, and save you time. Every recipe that Alpha’s tried is delicious! Hello Fresh gets delivered to the door (no trips to the grocery store), packed on ice — your meals will be ready for the week. You can change your delivery days or skip a week with no problem.

START OF THE DAY ::  In the morning, Alpha has some coffee then gets his cardio completed to start his day. Around 10am, he has his first meal, which is a protein shake or egg whites + protein. With the shake, he uses almond milk. He doesn’t count calories; however, he focuses on the quality and quantity of the food. He adjusts according to what he looks like or weighs. He doesn’t ‘wing’ a healthy diet — like eating out often. To break the monotony, he eat out once a weekend  and uses Hello Fresh.

LUNCH + DINNER :: Before leaving for work, he makes lunch. Today he’s having salmon, barley, and seasoning for lunch. He uses glass containers so he can pop them into the microwave (plastic shouldn’t be used in the microwave). He takes cashews + carrots for a snack.  Sometimes he’ll have a 1/2 a protein bar. Dinner is typically around 7:30-8pm. He’ll be dining on chicken legs with barley and avocado this week. For dessert, he has zero calorie Jello.

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