My {Dream} Home Turned into a NIGHTMARE

September 7, 2023
Welcome to the Alpha M. dream home, which ultimately has turned into a nightmare. When I finish building this thing, I will probably have to sell it and live in my car. I’m going to be broke! It’s over budget because the lot was so terrible. But I thought I would have fun with you today and show you around.


The goal of the house has always been the shape, like a “U” with a pool, water features, and courtyard. I love the big windows and other cool architectural features, such as the stairwell enclosed in glass. I also love the sloping roofs and gradual transitions. I’m a massive fan of fireplaces; two will be across each other. Venetian-plastered curved walls are another feature that gives the house a sexy edge.

A 20-foot ceiling patio with a fireplace off the living room (my favorite room) is a place we can let our cats out. Out back, there’ll be another area with a fireplace. The thing I’m most excited about in the whole house is that I will get a urinal in my own bathroom. Floating stairs go up to a third floor with 13 ft vaulted ceilings, more bedrooms, and a sitting area.

The basement will have 1,200 square feet of nothing but workout space. I wanted an amazing gym, my dream gym. A media room and wine cellar will also be featured downstairs.

The House Ball Powder Built

This house will ultimately be my oasis, my paradise. Everything was designed with a purpose, and it’s all about the eye or sight lines. When this thing is finished, it will be a showstopper, a gorgeous home. It will stop me from spending again because it’s been so expensive.

My friends joke that this is the house that Ball Powder built. It’ll look pretty sick when it’s done. I was complaining about the cost the last time I showed you, and I’m still complaining about the cost now. I’ll give you another update on the project, which will probably take another 9 -11 months.


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