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Hear everything from what is the worst thing about living with Alpha, what it’s like to live with him, how it was like for her when he went through his business failure, and more. Also find out Alpha’s worst habit as well as the secret to their happy 17-year marriage and the first gift he ever gave her.

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Alpha wishes he had this video when he was younger. He’s now 44 years old with life experiences many don’t . In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM  https://iamalpham.com/ AaronMarino https://aaronmarino.com/ Pete & Pedro https://peteandpedro.com/ Tiege Hanley https://www.tiege.com/and ENEMY https://enemy.com/ is giving you an intervention so that  you can stop before it’s too late.

Alpha M. Intervention Session — Time to STOP NOW!

  • Stop binge drinking or drinking too much — and don’t drink-and-drive. Don’t use alcohol as a crutch either.
  • Stop staying in a relationship that’s not right — if you know it’s toxic, stop it and end it whether it’s a friend, girlfriend, or any other relationship. Be honest although it’s not easy.
  • Stop neglecting your health — Looking good doesn’t’ mean you’re healthy. You have to exercise AND eat healthfully. Also take a high quality multi-vitamin to fill the nutritional gaps. Ritual  has 10 micro-nutrients that are challenging to get from diet alone: zinc, Vitamin A, folate, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Omega-3, magnesium, boron, Vitamin-E, and Vitamin B12.
  • Stop wasting time in a job you hate — life is WAY too short to be doing something you dislike for 8+ hours a day. Stop and make a plan!
  • Stop thinking and stop doing — you are not your thoughts; you are your actions. Make sh!t happen so you can look back at your life without regrets. Also stop the negative self-talk. Don’t allow other people to get into your head.
  • Stop blaming other people about where you are in life — you are responsible for your life.
  • Stop carrying around pain and anger — we are often collateral damage in other people’s lives. Let it go by dealing with it. You have to be willing yourself forward.
  • Stop waiting to tell others that you love them — you never know when you won’t have the opportunity. Life is short, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Let them know you love them!

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