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BY admin March 25, 2021



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Pete & Pedro Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
Pete & Pedro Sea SALT Spray 
Pete & Pedro EDP Colognes | REBEL, KING, HERO
Check out STRYX
Aaron on Tik Tok
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is blowing up on Tik Tok. And he’s been checking out his competition, which he’s reacting to these here and now.

Alpha’s Tik Tok Takes

  • Men’s makeup tutorial –Alpha used to be opposed to men’s makeup in the past. But he’s realized that accessibility to makeup, men would use it to look better, especially with video conferencing and selfies.
  • Men’s makeup company — Jon the Kavalier is the co-founder of Stryx (men’s makeup), which Alpha loves. Alpha demonstrates the concealer tool — and talks about the tinted moisturizer and other additional products. If you’re struggling with pimples or blemishes, you should check out Stryx.
  • Home DIY blackhead removal trick — Alpha’s not feeling hyped about this Tik Tok, but he recommends Biore strips once a month while 2xs a week exfoliating and 2xs a day washing your face.
  • Nose hair waxing — Alpha did that years ago in 2011. Check out the video clip! Waxing is quick, but it hurts like a punch in the face, causes painful pimples, and presents a risk of infections. Instead, grab a high-quality nose hair trimmer like Pete & Pedro’s, which is USB chargeable, wet/dry, and high-powered. It also has different attachments for different grooming tasks (edging, for example).
  • Upper-body manscaping tutorial — this Tik Tok is a perfect example of how to be well-groomed if you have body hair. Be careful if you take the attachment off — don’t nip your armpit creases. Also, instead of going bald on the chest and stomach, just take the length down. On your shoulders and back, take it bald.
  • Get texture and volume in your hair — if you’re not using a sea salt spray, you’re not maximizing your hair’s sexiness. Pete & Pedro SALT is the company’s best-selling product — it will add amazing dimension to your hair.
  • Creed Aventus ($450) vs REBEL ($50)–  the results showed people liked REBEL better! REBEL is the real deal; it’s an EDP fragrance. Get a full-size bottle or sample. You can also try the other inspired fragrances in a set.
  • Cheap grooming products — Alpha’s not buying it. This guy is not using $5 drug store products if he’s using a jade roller. But the products he showed are solid drugstore products.
  • How to properly shave your junk — generally speaking, Alpha likes this guy’s strategy. Alpha recommends taking the bulk down first. Also, don’t use anything motorized on your nuts (even if it says ‘skin safe technology’ because you can still nip your nuts). Once the bulk is down, get in the shower, suds up Big Al and the Twins, and use your Dollar Club Shave razors. Hold it all up and go down nicely & slowly. Make Big Al great again.
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