I Own 500 Fragrances — THESE 5 Get The MOST Compliments From Girls

October 29, 2023
I own over 500 fragrances, but these are the top five that you’ll get the most compliments. One of them is under $2. A few things you need to understand upfront is that I do not consider myself a fragrance expert. I am a novice, but I know what smells good to me. I also know what smells good to spicy senoritas because all of the fragrances I’m going over have gotten me the most compliments from women every time I wear them. Also, you need to know that I buy my fragrances at fragrancenet.com. They have an amazing inventory of super-premium fragrances.

I will start at the most expensive and then work backward toward the most affordable. Four of these fragrances are under $100, with the code AM30 for 30% off at FragranceNet. I will also have a fragrance expert weigh in on what they think about the fragrance.

  1. Creed Aventus. This one is the number one compliment getting fragrance out there, period. But it’s a game changer. I’ve been wearing this for years and got my first bottle from fragrancenet.com. It’s been a mainstay, and I get multiple compliments every time I wear it. It’s a superstar. It smells citrusy, woody, cool. It’s sexy and masculine with a strong, musky vibe.
  2. Versace Eros. Typically, I like all of Versace’s fragrances because I like lighter, brighter, fresh fragrances. Eros is a classic fragrance that works. You’ll get mint, candy apple, lemon, Mandarin orange, and sage. Then you’ll get vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, patchuli, leather, and bitter orange. It’s very good up close if you put your nose against it. But it’s also good when you get a whiff of it in the air.
  3. D&G Light Blue. This is a fragrance for every guy because women freaking love this fragrance. I always get a ton of compliments. I really love light and fresh fragrances, even in the colder months. It has lemon in there, along with florals, pepper, and a citrusy fresh blast.
  4. Monte Blanc Individuel. This fragrance projects and is one of the best all-time fragrances. The price is insane. You can get it for $27 after my discount. There is a little controversy surrounding this fragrance because Creed allegedly copied Mont Blanc’s scent profile. Individuel is one of the best affordable fragrances you can pick up. It has raspberry, vanilla, cinnamon, and lavender.  It’s sweet and almost a little powdery, but it has a clean, sexy vibe to it.
  5. Nautica Voyage. This one is under $20 for a very powerful scent that projects for a long time. It’s fresh and bright with musk, cedar, oak, and amber. A woody aquatic fragrance with herbiness and apple, it’s a loved fragrance and very much praised.

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