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The Alpha M. Confidence Course
True self confidence is the single most important factor in you living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has realized that he was put on this Earth to help guys feel better about themselves. This passion and desire to help you burns so deeply inside of Alpha that he feels it in his body and soul.

Confidence is the key to feeling great about yourself and knowing your true potential. Without it, you will never know how powerful you can be. People around Alpha say that you can’t ‘teach’ confidence, but Alpha wanted to keep talking about building character. So he did, and something remarkable happened. Alpha received an email about how Brian increased his confidence from watching Alpha’s videos. And these emails didn’t stop. You can absolutely learn confidence!

After two years of developing the structure and system, Alpha presents the Alpha M. Confidence Course. It’s a step-by-step process with five phases.

Five Phases of Unlocking Your Confidence

  • Phase One {learning and exploration} – taking a hard look at yourself to understand who you are
  • Phase Two {development physical and external confidence} – fitness, style, grooming, and diet are discussed in detail and outlined
  • Phase Three {acting and communicating confidently}
  • Phase Four {living confidently}
  • Phase Five {adoption}


You need to continually nurture your confidence level. Confidence is not a destination- it’s a journey and this course is your road map. The course is 102 pages of life changing content with 94 videos, all structured and organized to help you unlock your true potential.

Limited time offer of $97! (Regular price $247) Don’t miss out on this introductory price! Confidence will change your life.