Alpha M. Project {A Men’s Makeover Series} | Domonique S6E4

February 25, 2022
Domonique used to work at a carpet mill for 3-years, working 12 hours a night. He hated the place. So one day, he bought a camera with the goal to learn editing. He told his coworkers about his plans, but they just laughed at him and thought it was ridiculous. The people at the carpet mill had the frame of mind where they’d work at the mill for 30-years and never pursue their dreams.

He ended up quitting the mill, and he decided to live his life. He is now in film school, about to finish with only one semester left. He feels that changing his wardrobe would help his career by looking more professional on sets. Also, he has Crohn’s, so he spends a lot of medication rather than new outfits. Finances are very tough with regular bills and constant hurdles to get through.

What Domonique Typically Wears

In regard to the outfits he brought with him, I kind of like the camo hoodie with black joggers. Because of his size, most of his clothing fits him big and baggy. The next outfit consists of a tee shirt that doesn’t fit horribly, pants that don’t fit terribly, and shoes that aren’t even that horrible. But to look more professional on set and not so youthful, he can do better.  The following outfit is casual sweats (joggers) and a sweatshirt. We are going to turn his style into a production machine.

The Alpha M. Makeover

At Salon Posta, Stephen is going to clean-up the top (soften it with a razor), taper the sides, and clean the mustache and sideburns. The cut looks amazing, and I finish the styling with some Pete & Pedro Clay for a bit of shine and no crunchy curls.

We head to the mall to an incredible H&M– one of my favorite stores. We’re getting affordable accessories and style, as well as smaller than standard sizes (smaller than you’d find in department stores).  American Eagle is another stop. We discuss slim fit, wearing all black, denim washes, and even rolling sleeves. At the end of the day, we broke an Alpha M. Project record for the number of items purchased — and only for $500. We also got some other amazing items, but we didn’t spend his entire budget. So, we’re sending him home with some money.

We purchased some pants, joggers, slim fit tee shirts, sweaters, long sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve button-ups, hoodies, a denim jacket, a corduroy jacket, a few pairs of sneakers, a badass pair of combat inspired boots, and more. Some outfits I put together are:

  • Outfit #1 — slim fit joggers + retro inspired Adidas shoes + long sleeve fitted tee shirt + a black vest
  • Outfit #2 — Thursday boot leather sneakers + jeans + tee shirt + button-up shirt to layer
  • Outfit #3 — combat inspired boots + black denim + green hoodie + denim jacket

Domonique said he will now be brought to a new point in his career. He’s not going to look like an art student everywhere he goes. The Alpha M. Project was a great opportunity for him, and he can’t wait to go on the film set.

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