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BY admin April 30, 2019


Alpha M. Project {A Men’s Makeover Series} | Johnny S5E5

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Tiege Hanley
Thursday Boot
This is the SEASON FINALE! Over 5,000 audition videos were submitted, and 5 lucky guys were selected. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie presents Johnny is a college freshman after graduating from high school at the top of his class. He grew up in a poor household with parents who were immigrants. They worked hard and took care of him with very little money — he now pushes himself getting an education so he can take care of them later. He says he has ‘bad fashion taste’, wearing the same polos and cargo jeans.

What He Brought

The jacket started it all — a $20 H&M  — which is his first item he bought after he found the Alpha M. YouTube channel. The sweat shirt represents, the jeans fit great (bought from the kids’ store though), sneakers are fine but the laces are long, and the cuff is killing it. The next outfit is his suit which cost $69. What’s right is the lapel size, the fit is not terrible, the sleeves are too long, and the tie width matches the lapel width. The pants are okay, and the shoes are not leather. The following outfit features flannel which Alpha is a fan of. The shirt was $3! The graphic tee is okay, pants are kids’, and the shoe laces go for days. His glasses are from Glasses USA.

Makeover Time

In regard to his hair, Stephen at Dyer and Posta Salon in Kennesaw, GA will texturize his hair as well as razor and color it. While he’s getting his hair cut, Alpha shows you a trick. Tiege Hanley is the most incredible skin care system in the history of skin. Do something for  your skin. Tiege Hanley gives you the foundational products to have amazing skin: face wash for AM & PM, an exfoliating scrub that you use twice a week, and an AM & PM moisturizer. Level 1 features the core four that every dude needs to do every single day. For dudes that are a little bit older like Alpha, you might want to check out the Level 2 system that comes with an anti-aging eye cream or Level 3 to fight aging like a kung fu ninja with an anti-aging super serum. Use the link to try it out! There’s no better time.

Indochino is where Johnny is getting a tailored custom suit. Johnny loved a suit on the showroom floor which they replicate. Keep in mind you can break up a suit and wear the jacket as a sport coat, for example. Indochino hooks you up with made-to-measure shirts, ties, chinos, and beautiful overcoats in 39 different showrooms — and if you can’t get to one of their stores, do it online! You pick every single detail & aspect of that suit. It’s fun and incredible. We don’t have off the rack bodies — why buy a suit off the rack? You’re in for a treat if you hit that link.

Johnny and Alpha head to American Eagle for pants that will fit him — you can only find this sizing except at American Eagle. They hit up H&M next. They head back to the office afterward.

Back at the Office

Johnny’s new super sexy boots are from Thursday Boots. Everyone needs an amazing pair of boots in their wardrobe. Thursday Boot is amazing quality including chukkas, Chelseas, lace-ups, and more. Not only does Thursday Boots have super badass sexy boots, but they also are doing super badass shoes. They are constantly evolving and upgrading with an amazing new selection of super badass designs. The craftsmanship, styling, and quality are ridiculous, and the price is freaking affordable. They have spared no expense when it comes to super high quality the leather.  Alpha loves them!

Alpha is sending Johnny home with some of his items so he had money left over for a computer. Alpha goes over all the items Johnny is going home with as well an incredible shirt from is offering a FREE week of Tailored by Alpha. When you sign up, be sure to watch his piece on the top supplements which features the best of the best. Also check out his entire workout! Get the discount code for all of the apparel, supplements, and more! Back to Johnny, his new outfits center around fit:

  • Look #1 — EXPRESS shirt, Anson belt, jeans, Stan Smiths
  • Look #2 — Diesel motorcycle jacket, H&M Henley, American Eagle jeans, Johnson & Murphy fashion sneakers

Wrap Up

Johnny thanks friends and family for everything — he’s speechless. He is especially thankful for Aaron. He started high school as a nerd, but then he started watching Aaron’s videos, his confidence increased. He appreciates this opportunity.