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Tiege Hanley
Thursday Boot
Over 5,000 audition videos were submitted, and 5 were selected. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents Kenny. He just finished the Marines in San Diego and is completing his Masters degree in tuba performance. He aspires to be a professional musician while he’s also bartending. His goal is to  represent himself in a way that makes his family, specifically his father, proud.

What He Brought

His grooming is a predominate focus — hair style and facial hair. With the first outfit, Alpha loves his Henley (notes he can wear many colors due to his complexion); however, the shoes are knock-offs that look like he’s had them for a while.  Next, the suit is pieced together, and the shoes are humongous. The jacket has holes that has been patched too. For the next outfit, the jacket is too big, and the colors could be improved, but the chinos are good. The shoes need to be replaced as well.

Makeover Time

Stephen at Dyer and Posta Salon is texturizing the top, tightening the sides & back, and removing facial hair. Implementing product into styling his hair is also a goal — Pete & Pedro Putty is used for the new style. When it comes to looking incredible, you also need to take care of your skin. Check out Tiege Hanley to take out all the guesswork out of looking incredible — three levels and acne systems that include the essentials to keep you handsome now and into the future. Take the quiz to get your personalized recommendation.

Indochino is where Kenny is getting a custom suit, two pair of custom chinos, two custom dress shirts, and two ties. Alpha recommends a navy suit for Kenny — they customize it by picking fabrics first. Then he picks everything else like lapels and buttons.  Indochino also has made-to-measure shirts, ties, chinos, and beautiful overcoats in 35 different showrooms. In two weeks, Kenny receives his custom suit. For casual clothing, they start at The GAP. $500 dollars later, they head to Banana Republic and a few more outlets before heading back to the office.

Back at the Office

Every great outfit starts at the feet — and Alpha says feet deserve a great pair of boots. Thursday Boots is killing it for Kenny — wing tips, suede chukkas, black Chelsea boots, and lace-up cap-toe brown shoes. Thursday Boots boasts super superior quality & craftsmanship for an incredibly affordable price. They have tons of selections and some of the sexy badass boots — best boot bang for your buck. Alpha also got Kenny some slip-on Vans and causal Johnson & Murphy shoes.

Slim fit chinos & jeans, sport coat, jackets, sweaters, denim shirts, polos, and pull over Henleys as well as a super sick sweat shirt from round out the haul. Kenny’s decked out head-to-toe in gear  — he’ll also be going home with Alpha’s supplements to build a better body and All Access which includes Alpha’s  6-Weeks to Living Lean program.

His wardrobe cost $1,000 not including the suit, chinos, and few items of Alpha’s. He’s going home with $1,000 for new glasses. Kenny has totally killed it!

  • Look #1 — Navy driving jacket + denim shirt + green chinos + suede brown boots
  • Look #2 — Gray sport coat + checked shirt + dark wash jeans + Johnson & Murphy shoes
  • Look #3 — Diesel jacket + green sweater + slim fit denim + black Chelsea boots

Wrap Up

The experience was amazing for Kenny. He feels more confident — and feels like he can look the part when he goes home.