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Tani USA
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Tani USA
Gonza Fitness- Engage, Conquer, Ascend
If you anything like Alpha, you like a good come-back story. Add another name to the list- Miguel. Meet him and hear his inspirational story of how he lost 100 pounds in 12 months.

Miguel was a boxer in high school and was active. He was fit in high school but then got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that’s debilitating: ankylosing spondylitis. He was unable to walk or dress himself and was bedridden for 6-months. He gained weight through emotional eating. The breaking point was when his fiance broke-off their engagement, stating that she wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

Miguel decided to make a change, not for the girl who left, but for himself. His max weight was 270 pounds. He started with Alpha’s videos and got hooked. He watched every video, starting with changing his hair and wardrobe for an immediate effect. He felt better and it transcended his entire body to move forward. He became active- he walked, jogged, and ran. He felt better and his symptoms dissipated. A hundred pounds later, he is now 170 pounds.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. starts by looking at Miguel’s old clothes: pants, jeans, shirts, underwear, and belts. Everything is monstrous, humongous, and gigantic. The belt even had notches added to it. Next, Alpha and Miguel go on a shopping trip for items that fit, are super sexy, and versatile.

Back home, Miguels shows his physique in his new items. He has a great look and feels amazing. He is ready to go back to work and kill it. He also got a complete underwear makeover from Tani USA. These underwear are super sexy and simple without going over the top.

Miguel not only overcame adversity but kicked its ass. Miguel was in a dark place and IAmAlphaM inspired him to get better. He wants to pay it forward for nutrition and fitness advice: Gonza Fitness.