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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro had over 400 auditions submitted, Aaron narrowed down to 24, then viewers voted for the winners. This episode is the season premier.

Jason’s Story

Jason got the most votes of anyone! He is 33 years old, and this weekend is putting the finishing touch on his transformation. Alpha discusses Jason’s audition video which Jason discusses the start of his self improvement journey. Jason got his teeth fixed, and now he is more confident and can’t stop smiling. He also used to be super skinny so he started weight lifting. Fitness is a big part of his life now, and his confidence has increased even further. Last, he’s *straight edge* which he explains.

Day One

First, they’re going to the Alpha M. Studio for an interview. Aaron assesses Jason’s style. Jason is not afraid of color; however, the color is super wrong. The fit of the hoodie could be better. The jeans are should show off his physique, and his Chuck Taylors are cool, but the Black Sabbath addition is bad. The glasses frames could be softened. The next outfit has a flawless fit shirt but needs to be toned-down. The pants could fit better, and the shoes could be way better as monk straps. And the belt speaks for itself. Finally, the third outfit has a great fit, but the pattern could be better. The pants are the same as before. The Chucks shouldn’t be screen-printed or embroidered.

Day Two

Day two starts with Aaron going to get Jason to go shopping at Lenox Mall. After two failed stops, they shop at Suit Supply for a suit. Alpha goes over why the suits are perfect. Next, they go for some new jeans and slim fit chinos at the GAP. Alpha discusses the loud patterns versus the classic colors and solids. Jeans, chinos, button-ups, and tee shirts are all a score! They next go for some polo shirts at Banana Republic, and then they find some button-ups at TOPMAN that look incredible for work and with slacks. Vans are the casual shoe of choice, and a nice pair of shoes are point of debate between Jason and Aaron.

Day Three

Day three starts at Dyar and Posta salon for a grooming makeover. Aaron takes his beard super short all the way around, leaving a soul patch for balance. Then they go to the studio to try on some clothes. Aaron reviews the items they got from the shopping trip.

The 1st outfit is a casual look with a Henley, slim fit jeans, driving mocs, and a fabric belt. The 2nd outfit is business casual perfection with slim fit chinos, double monks, fabric belt, and slim fit short sleeve button-down. The 3rd outfit brings color into Jason’s wardrobe with an incredible pink shirt, Banana Republic pants, coordinated belt, and wing-tips. The 4th outfit features the perfect Suit Supply suit with double monks, white Banana Republic shirt, and tie. The 5th outfit features another casual outfit with a polo shirt, dark wash slim fit jeans, and Johnson Murphy fashion sneaks. The last outfit is a look that screams casual & cool with a light white GAP shirt, slim fit chinos, fabric belt, and navy Vans.

Jason discusses his experience which he never thought he’d make it this far. He was blown away that he even made it to the top 20! He said it was obvious that his wardrobe needed help, and that Aaron made him feel like a completely new person. He thanks Aaron and the sponsors for the once in a lifetime chance and experience.

The gifts from the sponsors have crushed it this year!