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BY admin December 24, 2019


ALPHA M. vs. GIRLFRIEND | Episode 1 Lauren

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ENEMY | use code ALPHAVSGIRL for 15% off
If you live or can get to the Atlanta Georgia area (YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRAVEL + TRANSPORTATION) and your girlfriend thinks she has what it takes to take down alpha m. on a shopping style channel:
  • make a 1-min video of you & your spicy senorita introducing yourselves including (1) where you live, (2) how long you have been dating, and (3)why she is going to kick my butt!
  • send an email with unlisted video LINK to [email protected]
  • include your (1) name, (2) age and (3) phone number
  • filming dates TBD
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY introduces episode one of Alpha M. vs GIRLFRIENDS. In this episode Kenton and his girlfriend Lauren from North Carolina are featured.

Ground Rules!

Inside the box are a pair of super sexy ENEMY shades that will be integrated into the outfit of choice as well as $500 with which to shop for the entire look. Alpha plans to destroy Lauren. Check out their shopping excursions go different directions (and Kenton’s behind-the-scenes commentary) although both had to follow these rules:

  • The time limit is an hour & 1/2 if you choose to go first; an hour + pre-shopping if you go second. Lauren chooses to go second.
  • The style options are casual cool, professional, or bad boy which both have to shop for the same style — Kenton gets to decide. Kenton chooses bad boy.
  • Keep in mind that Kenton is not allowed to give any input other than sizes.
  • Kenton picks the winner by selecting which outfit he wants to go home with. The other outfit has to be returned.

Showtime! Back at the Office

Lauren said the hardest part was picking out basics and not knowing how they will come together as the full outfit. Aaron’s hardest part was not getting feedback from Kenton during the shopping experience.

  • Alpha’s Look: suede Chelsea boots, grey slim fit stretch denim, distressed gray belt with a camo pattern, green field jacket, light-weight down vest, micro-thermal long sleeve shirt. Kenton said he loves the outfit including the fit of the items. The vest surprised him as he never wore one, but he says it ties the look together. Lauren said the outfit is ‘cute’.
  • Lauren’s Look: leather jacket, tan hoodie, flannel around the waist instead of a belt, black ripped jeans, black boots. Kenton loves the ripped jeans and flannel + sweatshirt combo. He doesn’t know if he would have picked the boots. Alpha loves the look and adds some bad boy shades.

Who Is the Winner?

Drum roll please — Kenton reviews the pieces of each look, and he picks Lauren’s outfit as the bad boy look he chooses. Alpha is defeated! He’s okay with it because he loves Lauren’s outfit — and slips them a couple hundred bucks for dinner.

Alpha’s New Sunglasses Company

This episode is brought to you by ENEMY, the new incredible sunglasses company that Alpha started. If you are in the market for a new super high-quality pair of badass frames that aren’t gonna break the bank, hit the link ENEMY and use code ALPHAVSGIRL for 15% off 

ENEMY features amazing custom styles that you will love. ENEMY adds their own spin and stylizing to the classics in both regular and XL sizes. ENEMY also just recently added accessories such as the beaded bracelets and minimal metal cuffs. Check out the reviews — they speak for themselves. You will love them too!

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