Are Your Clothes TOO Tight? | 6 Signs You’re Wearing the WRONG Size

June 3, 2021

You know the importance of fit at this point! The wrong fit can make you short, dumpy, and less sexy. But you also don’t want to wear clothing too small — or you can look like a sausage. I’m going over a few ways to tell if your clothes are too small, including jeans, button-ups, tee shirts, slacks/chinos, suits, and shorts. Too big and too small both look terrible, and the line between is a thin one.

Don’t look like a sausage!

  1. Jeans are too tight if you have whiskering around the crotch and puckering around the fly, if you are seeing the hamstring/glute transition, and if you have ass crack exposure and are showing wiener detail.
  2. Tee shirts are perfect if it’s snug through the chest, the arms aren’t crazy long or roomy, and the body has an inch on either side when grabbed. Also, pay attention to the length; as you wash it, tee shirts can shrink. Check out the examples I share: tee shirt, long sleeve tee, and Henley.
  3. Slacks and chinos are too tight if you have pocket flare. Pocket flare is due to your butt being too big for the style or cut of pant and your junk is big, which pulls the pants in opposite directions. Size up if this happens or have the pants tailored to have the seat let out.
  4. Button up shirts are too short if it’s too short to be worn unbuttoned or tucked in. Also, the button-up is too tight if you get buttons puckering when sitting down. The placket should lay nice and clean when the fit is proper.
  5. Suits look small and silly when the jacket button is pulling and you can see your shirt through the buttoned jacket. Your shoulder should be natural in shape. Suit pants shouldn’t pucker by the pockets, the front should be clean, and the crotch shouldn’t have whiskering.
  6. Shorts shouldn’t have pocket flare, which arises from a large butt, small waist, or huge package. Size up if you’re seeing pulling in the crotch. The length should be 4 fingers above your knee caps. Get a longer inseam for a tall guy; if you’re a short dude like me, go with 6, 7, or 8.

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