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BY Debbie Probst July 11, 2018


Should Men Shave or Trim Armpits? | Under Arm Grooming Tutorial

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Brio Special Offer
The BEST grooming tool Aaron has ever used! Brio vs Norelco
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says manscaping is all over the board. It all boils down to personal pruning preference.

One area that is still a little taboo to talk about is the pits. 68% of dudes shave their pits according to a Men’s Health survey. Alpha says 100% of men should do SOMETHING to manage the hair under their armpits.

Five Reason Why Pits Should Be Shaved or Trimmed

1. Sweat less

2. Feel cooler

3. Stink less

4. Reduce deodorant clumping

5. Looks cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing

How to Groom Your Armpits

Grab your Brio Beardscape (the best grooming tool of all grooming tools). Watch here Who Makes The BEST Beard Grooming Tool | Norelco vs Brio | * NON-Sponsored* Review & Comparison why Alpha loves it so much.

He’s not a super hair guy – it’s been about a month since he last groomed his arm pits. Once a month, he uses his Brio and uses the 3mm attachment to take it super short. If you don’t want it that short, you can go 6mm attachment. Adjust the blade down a millimeter after the 1st run – he doesn’t shave it. If you want to shave, hop in the shower & later up after these steps.


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