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BY AlphaM June 11, 2012


Elevate Your Style | Better to Be Overdressed

Is there a way to still be stylish and step-up your game but not be overly dressed or styled? Aaron Marino of alpha m. advises how to avoid being overdressed but remain a stylish and fashionable man. He explains that you can look appropriate a situation with a peer group and still maintain elevated style.

If the situation is casual jeans and tee shirts, you will be above the group by dressing in your good jeans that fit properly and a tailored tee shirt. Your shoes are fashion sneakers rather than your peer’s running shoes. You are still in the social culture but elevating it. You can do this in any situation.

It’s always be better to be overdressed than under dressed. If your buddies razz you, its probably because they are jealous.  Dress up, it’s okay. Just make sure your clothes fit you properly and are stylish to your taste.

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