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BY Debbie Probst June 11, 2018


How to Handle a BAD Haircut | 6 Tips to Fix a "F"ed Up Hair Cut

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Pete and Pedro SALT
Pete and Pedro Putty
It’s been 22 days since Alpha’s last hair cut. Why? It’s usually 9 – 10 days. Well, he got a bad cut. The barber took it too high up his head and followed it around – like a disconnected undercut. With the way Alpha’s hair falls and his head shape, the cut didn’t work and he’s had the hardest time styling his hair like normal.

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is getting his hair fixed by Stephen who is better at blending and texturizing. Once his hair is cut by Stephen, Alpha uses the P&P SALT as the pre-styler. It adds volume and texture to your hair. He also uses P&P Putty, which he said it’s the best product you’ll ever use. Emulsify and apply, covering your hair from the root to ends. He dries his hair thereafter. In another two weeks, he’ll be grown in at the top.

What to Do If Your Hair Cut Is F#$%ed Up

1. Communicate up front – tell them right then and there

2. Identify specifically what’s wrong

3. Let it grow!

4. Find a new stylist and bring a picture of when you liked your hair

5. While your hair is growing out, try styling in a different direction or play around with a back-up hair style

6. Go shorter – buzz it off, start over, select a new style

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