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Recipe for Men Deodorant
Arm & Hammer Antiperspirant
Arm & Hammer Essential
Talcum Powder & Cancer Article
Gold Bond Men’s Essentials Powder
When it comes to men’s grooming and hygiene, two products are critical. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarinoPete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor is going over these two products.

Men’s Critical Product #1 | Deodorant

Alpha prefers Recipe for Men but it’s expensive (AND it has aluminum).

  1. His favorite drugstore brand is Arm & Hammer but it has aluminum too.
  2. Thus he tried the new Arm & Hammer Essentials which doesn’t have aluminum. It won’t keep you from sweating but it will keep you from stinking.


Men’s Critical Product #2 | Powder

Guys should use powder everyday! Musky nuts and swamp ass need to be controlled through powder. Alpha uses Chassis because it works better than anything on the market. It doesn’t contain talc. Talc is an issue (like aluminum with deodorant), and Alpha provides the cancer article to read. He also demonstrates what talc does when mixed with sweat. He also demonstrates with Chassis – nothing on the market touches Chassis. It’s a category killer – they use baking soda, pumpkin seeds, hops, witch hazel, and other natural ingredients. As a result of the premium ingredients, it’s a premium product.

The cheaper options from the drugstore contain talc. Alpha tested each since he’s used Chassis for so long: Johnson’s Baby Power, Gold Bond Body Powder, and Gold Bond Men’s Essential.

  • Johnson’s Baby Powder – smells like a baby. Worked until around noon. At the end of the day workout, he was funky smelling.
  • Gold Bond Body Powder – smells like medicine (aka hospital). It was very cooling after a hot shower. The cooling went away after about 20-minutes. It was better than baby powder as he was still dry by noon. Around 3pm, he started to heat up, and it didn’t work as well. After the gym, it was like he didn’t have anything on.
  • Gold Bond Men’s Essential – smells more manly and performed much better than standard Gold Bond. It does have talc but it also has baking soda. The addition of the baking soda made it work much better than the other two products. This product was definitely the best, and the price point is around $8. It didn’t last all day, but he felt fresher than when using the other two options.

The views and opinions expressed in this video are solely those of Alpha M (Aaron Marino) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of any sponsor or outside organization.