Rating Popular Men’s Health Trends {BEST & WORST}

May 7, 2024
I will rank some of the popular trending health habits I see online. Some of these are awesome, but a lot of them are stupid.
  • Cold plunges. Many reports claim that cold plunges reduce inflammation, increase immune function, and more. But they are simply the newest version of the cold shower.
  • Extreme diets.  The body needs complete proteins and essential amino acids, which vegans will say they get from legumes and nuts. Paleo or carnivore isn’t good, either. A balanced diet is the way to go.
  • Restrictive breathing. Whether it’s the masks you see people wearing at the gym when doing cardio or the tape worn over the mouth, I give it a fail.
  • TRT. Get frustrated with guys on TRT that don’t need it. They can boost their own testosterone naturally.
  • Extremely low body fat percentage. When your body fat is too low, your body will not operate optimally. Body fat helps to optimize testosterone and regulate hormone function.
  • Colon cleansers. If you’re not dropping a deuce regularly, something’s going on, whether it’s not eating enough fiber, not being hydrated, or your microbiome is out of whack.
  • Pre-, pro-, and post-biotics. These have an overall effect on your well-being and health. Gut health is related to all kinds of benefits, but unfortunately, lifestyle and medications can interfere with the healthy bacteria growing in the gut. Symbiotic Plus will take care of each for you. For 25% off your first Ritual order, click this.
  • Drinking 120 oz of water daily. If you’re not properly hydrated, your body can suffer, and you won’t look or feel as good.
  • Saunas. They are great because they get you to breathe and sweat. When you sweat, your body releases toxins and other build-up in your lymph system.
  • No FAP. It’s not good for your body, prostate, or mindset.
  • Not watching p^rn. This is amazing for your health because these movies destroy your mind and dopamine. They can also be destructive to your relationship.
  • Dopamine detox. Dopamine is a motivational juice that gets flowing to get you motivated. Doing a dopamine detox, such as removing social media or abstaining/limiting screen time, is highly beneficial.
  • Retention. This gets a big thumbs down because men must do this at least 21 times monthly to keep themselves healthy. If you’re not, you won’t be reducing stress or being as healthy as possible.
  • Mary Jane. Cigarettes suck, but smoking weed will reduce your motivation and testosterone.
  • Working out. Lifting weights and doing cardio daily are tremendously beneficial for your temple.
  • Gratitude. Regularly practicing gratitude will make you feel more satisfied and aware of the good things you should embrace and focus on. Focus on love, family, and friends.
  • Friends and family. Being surrounded by people who care about and uplift you is healthy and makes you feel good. It will boost your self-esteem and make you clearer and stronger mentally.

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