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What are you doing!?!? Why are you doing these super stupid things!?!? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is eliminating the biggest turns offs for girls.

Why Girls Get Turned Off

  1. You are a sloppy drunk — your breath stinks, you’re not coordinated, and you have whiskey dick
  2. Your monster man bush — you have musky nuts!
  3. Your leg hair — don’t shave them.
  4. Your hair — dandruff (eliminate with Control which has more active ingredients than any other product), greasy & oily (use Clean to up your shampoo game),  crunchy hair (use better products such as SALT + Putty for the dynamic duo)
  5. Your living environment (car, bedroom, bathroom) is dirty — and it smells after you do your business. Make sure you have a supply of Deuce Deodorizer Spray on-hand for when guests like your spicy senorita visit.
  6. You are late for a date or otherwise
  7. You are a mooch — get a job!
  8. You are too serious all the time
  9. You focus too much on your looks
  10. You wear sports sunglasses — they aren’t stylish or sexy. Wear ENEMY instead — check out the new murdered out Matte Black line! Check out the new accessories too: metal cuffs and beaded bracelets.

Pete & Pedro Has GROWN!

If you haven’t seen all of the new products that Pete & Pedro is putting out, you need to stop by and take a look. It’s ridiculous! P&P not only offers incredible hair styling products, but now they  have the incredible cologne REBEL which is super affordable and amazing. P&P also has manicure kits, body washes, loofas, shampoo brushes, beard grooming kits, and more. The new dopp kit is badass with a mesh pouch, hook, handle, zip pouch. Use the code TURNOFF15 to get a discount on it all!