Stylish Body Language Tips | How to Look Better in Clothes

February 17, 2015
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Body language is all of the non-verbal communication that you do (walk, stand, gesture, eye contact, handshake) and plays a critical role in your personal presentation. Body language is also a crucial component with how you look in what you’re wearing. With these tips, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going to help you look better in what you’re wearing.

Your body is communicating every second of the day (sitting, standing, walking), and what you wear is also communicating about who you are. Marry the two together: you are what you’re wearing, and thus, your wardrobe has to be displayed properly. In other words, how you carry yourself affects how you display your clothes. With proper body language, you can display your clothes even better.

Body Language Tips

  1. Stand Up Straight – with chest up and shoulders back! Slouching makes your clothes bunch.
  2. Walk with Confidence – clothes will bag if you’re shuffling along.
  3. Sit with Head Up – check out the video about how to sit properly
  4. Take Care of Your Body Physically – when clothing is made, the physique that they are thinking of is like a mannequin. The better the form of your body, the better the clothes looks laid on top.


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