7 BRUTALLY HONEST Reasons Women DON’T Find You Desirable!

March 2, 2023
The other day one of our friends contacted me through email and wanted to know if I think he is TOO good-looking, and that’s why his friends get more girls than him – even though he’s technically better looking. That being said, I hope you can handle the truth. I will go over some brutally honest reasons women do not find certain men desirable.

You are not as desirable as you think you are

  1. You’re an egotistical douche. You are perceived as an egotistical douche if you are constantly posing, flexing, and taking selfies. This comes across as an arrogant dick. A cool guy who doesn’t have a humongous ego and doesn’t take himself too seriously is desirable. This shows that you’re truly secure and comfortable with who you are.
  2. You look bad naked, and you’re sloppy. You should love yourself and take care of yourself. You need to work out and exercise. Take pride in your temple because you need to be comfortable getting naked. You may also dress like sh!t. Take pride and ownership in your style and what you’re wearing. Dress with intention and purpose. Coordinate your outfits. Dressing all wack, baggy, wrinkled, and stained is not desirable. There’s a direct correlation between a dude who takes pride and ownership and being perceived as stylish and wildly desirable.
  3. Your face is not taken care of. You need to take care of your skin which is one of the easiest things you can do to have a handsome face. Create an incredible skincare routine with Tiege Hanley. Every Tiege Hanley system has the essentials, which include a face wash to use twice a day, an exfoliant to use twice a week, and two moisturizers (SPF morning and night). You can add anti-aging cream to fight puffiness and dark circles for Level 2. And then, you could go to Level 3, which adds an anti-aging super serum along with the eye cream and essentials.
  4. You’re mad at women. This is an unfortunate thing about the manosphere. Men spend so much time being pissed off and trying to prove their point that they’ve made themselves incredibly undesirable. A woman doesn’t want to be with a man who’s whining and complaining. Be a man who doesn’t worry and complain about what women do. Take responsibility.
  5. You are immature and needy. A woman doesn’t want to be with a boy. She wants to be with a man who is sexy. A boy is weak and not attractive. So if you’re sitting there playing video games, smoking weed, or abusing alcohol all the time, you look pathetic and weak. And nothing makes a man look more pathetic than being obsessed with women, simping, and being a puss. You may also be needy; you’re not mentally tough if you beg for attention or approval. You need to develop the mental strength to stop begging and asking for stuff.
  6. You’re rude. People don’t want to date a rude guy. If you talk down to people, whether a peer, co-worker, parent, or woman, nobody will respect you. No woman will want to be with you because rude people are ignorant, unsexy, and not desirable. But if you’re kind, friendly, engaging, and inviting, you are more attractive and desirable. Lift people up instead of talking down to them.
  7. You’re a snowflake. You’re weak and get upset over stupid little things that don’t matter. You try to cancel people that you don’t like when somebody disagrees with you. You get so upset and angry that you think the world owes you something. When you don’t get it, you get pissed off. You’re jealous of other people because life’s not fair. Deal with it! You get out of life what you put into it. If you genuinely want to be desirable, you have to be self-sufficient.

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