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BY admin May 14, 2020



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Things you WEAR and things you DO can make you look feminine. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says you can look more macho by modifying these things. But your physical characteristics may also make you appear more feminine — and you can’t change your genetics.

Physical characteristics that can be modified to appear more macho

Alpha is not super masculine — he’s a small guy with a high pitched voice. He wears earrings, he plucks his eyebrows, and he manscapes. He’s been called all sorts of names including gay, but he loves himself. He wishes the same for you.

1. Man boobs — they are either caused by a medical condition (gynecomastia) or excess fat. You can wear a compression (aka too tight) garment like an undershirt, wear dark colors, lose body fat, and increase muscle mass.

2. Luscious booty and wide hips — wear darker colored jeans / pants with a lighter top. Stay away from super skinny tight jeans and instead opt for straight leg or moderate to mild taper. Build your upper body (chest, shoulders, back) and use lower weight when working out your legs.

3. Soft, buttery smooth hands — working out will fix this! Check out Alpha’s manly hands from working out.

4. Teeny tiny feet — purchase shoes a 1/2 size to 1 size larger then add an insert to fill-out the shoe. Wear boots with a thicker lug sole and wear sneakers with laces rather than slip-ons. Opt for light-colored or white sneakers.

5. Low muscle mass and tone — as men age, testosterone which drops. Supplement with Roman Testosterone Support. Doctors designed & formulated it with transparent and scientifically backed ingredients. Get $15 off and free 2-days shipping: Roman

6. High pitched voice —  in case you missed the video, refer to How to Get a MORE Manly Voice!

7. Weak and submissive body language — you need to walk with chest up and shoulders back. You need to look people in the eye. Sit with a bit of man spreading. When shaking hands, don’t get ‘owned’ by the other person (anticipate the squeeze).

8. Weak jaw — grow facial hair and know where to trim the boundaries. Do not expose your neck fat. Alpha demonstrates how to determine the boundaries. Losing weight also helps.

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