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Tailor Store
Alpha is a visual learning and he assumes many of you are visual learners too. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is taking you to school with a test.
So, how did you do? If you answered A, he is hooking you up with a little secret about how to attain sexy, ninja-style status. He is going over how to buy the perfect shirt with three ways to wear it.

Well first off, black looks fantastic on everyone, and the black tailored, button-up dress shirt is the most stylish and versatile shirt you can own. The first time he put on custom clothing, he had a ‘style orgasm’ as off the rack & regular fit is just baggy! We aren’t cookie-cutter dudes. We all have different proportions. Getting custom clothes is easier and cheaper with online custom ordering.

The inspiration is his sexy black button-up shirt that fits perfectly that he build on Tailor Store. You can get one too with a discount, click the link! Tailor Store

is a great company with a great product. Alpha is thoroughly impressed- so much so, he ordered two more (white one and button-down blue). They fit just as perfectly! They have a satisfaction guarantee too!

How to Build the Perfect Shirt

The menu takes you step by step through the process. When you change something, the shirt changes. You can also zoom in to the fabric. Their mobile application is another thing that Alpha loves about Tailor Store

specifically. Good measurements can be taken from a shirt that you have that fits well then plug in the numbers. You can modify the measurement numbers that you aren’t nuts about. If you don’t have a good fitting shirt or don’t trust your measuring abilities, you can plug in measurements, height, weight and Tailor Store

can pretty much nail your proportions.

How to Wear the Perfect Black Dress Shirt

  1. Casual – mildly distressed jeans or dark wash, brown loafers, matching brown belt.
  2. Business casual – slim fit gray charcoal slacks, loafers
  3. Fire! The look is so damn hot!