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BY Debbie Probst May 2, 2013


Clothing Care 101 | Dry Cleaning, Laundering, Drying, Pressing

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. teaches you how to take care of your clothes and preserve your wardrobe with proper dry cleaning, laundering, drying, and pressing.

You want to take care of your clothes to make them last. Make sure to read the clothing care tag then have your mother, girlfriend / boyfriend, husband / wife do it for you. NO! That’s a cop-out. You need to know how to clean your clothes. So you can do it yourself, have a professional, or do a mix of both.

Dry Cleaning Rules and Details

  • If your clothes once ate, walked, or pooped _or_ was the fur of something that ate, walked, or popped. Alpha details.
  • Dry cleaning uses chemicals instead of water.
  • Dry cleaning is for fabrics that are more delicate.
  • Dry cleaning can get expensive but you don’t have to take after each wear. How often you take it depends on what you’re doing in that item and if something’s been spilled on it.
  • If you spill something on the suit jacket or the suit pant, take BOTH so that they are worn the same and remain matching.


Laundering Simple Guidelines

  • Always wash your clothes in cold water
  • Separate your clothes by color – whites, blacks / grays, colors
  • Detergent – liquid or powder is personal preference
  • Fabric softeners and dryer sheets – bad for your clothing fibers because the clothing is coated with wax and perfumes
  • Bleach – if you want to learn, you’re on your own


Drying Clothes

If you don’t want something to shrink, do not put it in the dryer. Invest in a drying rack. You can toss and tumble after it’s dry to soften it.

Denim and Jeans

Jeans will shrink vertically over time if you dry in the dryer. Alpha details the items he never puts in the dryer: lightweight shorts, cotton cardigans / sweaters, button-up dress shirts, and jeans. If you want to keep the color of your jeans, put them inside out before washing.

Dress Shirts

Alpha gets his dress shirts laundered and pressed. He has a hamper for specifically dress shirts. Generally the laundering and pressing is $2 which is much cheaper than dry cleaning. Say no to starch because (1) comfort (2) wrinkles (3) lifespan


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