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BY admin September 6, 2019


7 Clothing Tricks to Fix Common Style Problems!

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Cuts Clothing is AWESOME! | special offer will automatically apply
Look stylish, sexy, and put together! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & PedroOllie, and ENEMY wants you to know about these common men’s style problems (and how to fix them).

Look Smooth & Sexy by Fixing These ASAP

  1. The funky fly! — use iron + starch as Alpha demonstrates
  2. Shoulder nipples — fold + hang it like Alpha shows you
  3. Shirts that ride on top of your ass — buy tees and Henleys with split hems
  4. Deodorant – antiperspirant marks on your shirts — use butt wipes to remove
  5. Blistered irritation on the top of your foot from rocking no-show socks — use ball powder on top of your feet
  6. The pocket square that keeps falling — use double-sided fabric tape
  7. A wardrobe full of crap you don’t wear — turn all hangers backward. When you put items backs after wearing-and-washing, put hanger the right way. After 1-year, remove and donate the backward hangers since you haven’t worn the items in a year.

Fix #3 with This!

Get split hems to stop your shirts from riding on top of your ass. Where do you get these, you ask? From Cuts Clothing! They also have have curved and elongated options as well as three collar options: Henley, crew, and v-neck. The fit? It doesn’t get any better — snug where it should but not in the mid-section. Check out Alpha’s custom landing page for the sexiest of sexy. Cuts is awesome — and right now there is no better time to shop because they have inventory. You cannot go wrong with Cuts. Cuts Clothing is AWESOME! | special offer will automatically apply

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