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10 Things SLOWLY Making You UGLY!
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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says you are doing somethings wrong.

Daily Tasks Men Do Wrong

  1. Getting sick after flying — the air recirculates making you sick from in the flying bacterial burrito. You need to flush your sinuses with saline solution and wash your hands in hot water after you land.
  2. Wadding sweaty workout clothes — washing and hampers are damp and dark so wadded workout clothes start to smell from the bacteria. Lay your clothes out to dry after working out then toss into the hamper or washing machine.
  3. Rinsing shaving blades wrong — running your razor under the water doesn’t get the gunk out. Rather, fill sink with warm water and shake + tap several times. You also need to replace your blade every week.
  4. Applying antiperspirant deodorant in the morning — the ingredients need time to do their thing so apply before bed. Also, after sleeping your pits can stink.
  5. Using the wrong nail clipper on your feet — the smaller sized nail clipper is for fingernails, and the larger size nail clipper is for your feet. The larger version provides a bigger opening and more leverage. Always clip after your shower for softer nails and a cleaner edge. Smooth with a nail file thereafter.
  6. Shaving your side burns too high — they need to balance and frame your face. Angled side burns follow the angle of  your jawbones to give you more style, attitude, and edge.
  7. Not using a moisturizer on your chin — you need to use moisturizer under your facial hair. You can use a beard balm if your facial moisturizer isn’t enough as it stops chin flakes and smooths + shines your whiskers.

How to Replace Your Razor Weekly

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