8 Jeans a Man Should NEVER Wear!

November 1, 2023
Every single man needs at least two pairs of perfect denim in his wardrobe. The first pair every man should own is dark wash denim with no distressing. You can dress these up, and they look amazing with dress shoes or shinier boots. They also look incredible paired with a sports coat or a great sweater. The second pair is your best friend, which is a pair that’s not too tight or too loose. They may have mild distressing but nothing too forced or man-made looking. Make sure your jeans haven’t natural look with a little whiskering by the crotch and a mild fading. Nothing too dramatic.

But not all denim was created equal. Some were created big and baggy. Some were created too skinny, and some were created to make you look like a douche. If you find the perfect pair of denim, you will look smooth, stylish, confident, and sexy. Here are the jeans you should never wear as an adult man.

Adult men should avoid these types of denim

  1. Too tight. If you have a bunch of pulling or whiskering in the crotch area of your pants, this is a sign that your crotch is too big or you need to size up. If your fly is perpetually open, this is another sign that your package is huge or you need to size up. Another sign is if you can see a wedgie or any type of cheek definition, your jeans are too tight. You need to have a little room but still showcase and highlight your booty. You should be able to pinch about an inch of fabric on either side of your thigh. If you have big thighs, this may be a bit more challenging, but the good news is you can find athletic tapered denim, which will allow for more room in the crotch, thighs, and glutes region.
  2. Too baggy. Dad jeans are baggy, and they’re kind of a trend, but the truth is that they don’t look good on most guys. If you’re young or really stylish, they may be okay, but most of us can’t get away with Dad jeans because we’ll look short and dumpy.
  3. Puddling. If your jeans are too long, you’ll have puddling at your ankles, which is not ideal. You do not want a bunch of extra fabric down at your ankles. You don’t want denim that has been walked or stepped on, discolored, and beaten up at the bottom. But you also don’t want them too short. I’m not talking about cuffing or cropping to show your ankle; I’m talking about jeans that are too short. A lot of super-tall men have difficulty finding jeans that are long enough. High-end designer jeans will have longer options. If you’re a shorter guy, most of the jeans sold in stores will not be short enough, but you can go online and find options.
  4. Casual jeans dressed up. A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that casual, lighter-wash jeans that have a little bit of distressing can be dressed up with dress shoes and a sports coat, possibly a sweater. They cannot. If you want to dress up jeans, they must be standard, dark-wash, non-distressed jeans. Further, do not wear denim with crazy bling and details on the pockets. Keep your jeans simple with a minimal aesthetic.
  5. Hanging off your booty. Pull your jeans up. If they can’t stay up, get a belt. A belt will make or break an outfit, so you must ensure your belt is not beaten up, marred, or scarred. Nasty belts are not stylish. Check out the Anson belt with micro-adjustments, which are versatile, can express your individual style, pull an outfit together, and don’t have any holes. For a limited time, head to Anson Belt & Buckle for a special deal. I recommend the Box Set, which gives you six possible belt combos for under $100. Also, sign up for their email list and “Anson TXT Club” for exclusive offers.
  6. Beat up or distressed. These types of denim used to be popular about five years ago, but not anymore. You will literally look like you’re trying too hard.
  7. White denim. These colored jeans make you look like you’re trying too hard as well. You look like a dork. Opt for black, gray, or dark jeans that fit you properly. It all boils down to fit and proper outfit coordination. If you’re wearing a dorky dad sweater with a pair of sexy black jeans and boat shoes, you’ll look horrible because the outfit does not coordinate or match.
  8. Big cuffs. Cuffing your jeans is appropriate if they are a little too long. But you need to roll them up properly by ensuring the cuff is stylized. If you want to show off your ankle or the type of denim you’re wearing, that’s great, but you should not have to roll your jeans three to five times. It’ll look like a croissant rather than a nice, clean cuff. Get your jeans shortened or buy a shorter size.

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