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The reality is that majority of us weren’t born with perfect proportions. Alpha says that we come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says if you know clothing, your body, and how to integrate the two then you can minimize perceived negative attributes and maximize the positive. Look more amazing!

Six Style Tips for Difficult Body Types

  1. Super skinny – add visual bulk without being baggy.  Wear lighter shades and brighter colors. Patterns should be smaller and tighter. Horizontal stripes are perfect! Make sure the collar fits well too.
  2. The teddy bear – Opt for vertical stripes, solids, dark colors, and tight patterns. Do not wear big and baggy! Chose the peak lapel and a lower stance.
  3. Short dude – 5’8″ and below is considered short. Everything with typical retail is big for a short dude because it’s all about proportions based on ‘average’ heights. Alpha recommends Peter Manning NYC because they specifically design clothes for short dudes. See more info below.
  4. Super tall – it’s almost impossible to shop off-the-rack. Alpha recommends Destination XL.
  5. Big top, thin below – go darker on the top with lighter on the bottom for balance and symmetry.
  6. Smaller up top – go lighter on top with dark on the bottom.


Peter Manning NYC

Alpha loves how Peter Manning understands how we are not built with off-the-rack bodies. This line is specifically designed for 5’8″ and under men – tee shirts, chinos, polos, khakis, jeans, and more. The sizing is based not only on height but also weight. Alpha almost cried the first time he tried them because going shopping in standard retail establishments was always painful and embarrassing. Peter Manning’s clothes are built for Alpha. The pants don’t have a lot of extra crotch fabric, and the length is perfect off the rack! And now Peter Manning has suits.