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BY admin August 28, 2020


10 EASY Things ANY Guy Can Do to Be Better Looking {IN 24-HOURS}!

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Alpha has made a ‘crap ton’ of videos of how to look better, ranging from style, grooming, and fitness. Fitness takes time — you have to do the work. Style and grooming can make you look better almost instantly. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going to help you look better within 24-hours.

Quick and Easy {and SOLID} Tips to Look Better in a SNAP!

1. Wear black + brown (or tan) — it elevates the look and feel of the outfit.

2. Whiten your teeth — it’s never been easier, more affordable, and convenient. You can use a whitening toothpaste, trays, or strips. Alpha loves the strips because he can use them almost anywhere.

3. Expose your forearms — the senoritas love forearm exposure. If you’re wearing a Henley, pull the sleeve up to the widest part of your forearm then fold the cuff in half. The shorter cuff looks better, and it’s cool & casual.

4. Use a sea salt spray as a prestyler — use it right out of the shower. Towel dry + spray salt + style as normal = your hair will look and feel better. The texture, volume, and pliable hold make a dramatic difference with your hair.

5. Rock a badass pair of sunglasses — when you enter the room, take them off within 3 steps. Never place them on your head as you can stretch out the temples and your hair product will get on your lenses. Alpha’s ENEMY 01s are crazy comfortable and under $100 for super premium quality. The reviews are amazing!

6. Work on your nails — even if you have picked on them, you can make them look better by simply using a nail grooming kit. Pay attention to both your hands and your feet.

7. Upgrade your casual shoe game — the white minimal sneaker is so versatile and elevates the look of any outfit.

8. Smell amazing — if you are in a fragrance rut, check out REBEL and HERO by Pete & Pedro. They are inspiration fragrances with KING launching soon! Sign up to be notified — it just might be Alpha’s new favorite!

9. Upgrade your denim — go dark, skinny or straight, and sexy. You can rock dark denim! One cannot exist on blue jeans alone; you have to step outside of the box. It will elevate your bad boy essence.

10. Define your boundaries — crawling neckbeards need to be groomed. Don’t trim up to your meat fat; you also don’t want a chin strap. Alpha demonstrates how to find the boundaries.

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