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Alpha is with Alex Costa and Joe Andrews (aka Blumaan) in LA. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & PedroOllie, and ENEMY is talking with Alex about his clothing 30-piece collection debut in Nordstrom. And Joe from Blumaan joins the action! They celebrate Alex’s launch by going over men’s style steps to make any guy look GREAT!

PRO Men’s Style Steps with Alex & Joe

  1. Denim shirt — casually open or buttoned up. You can also roll up the sleeves.
  2. Slim fit jeans — not too tight like skinny jeans and not too baggy. Your legs will be defined and help your height. Don’t wash after every wear — pop into freezer to kill the bacteria.
  3. Wear shades — the guys are wearing ENEMY, noting the quality, spring hinges, and gradient lenses. 100% custom designed by Alpha! Instantly upgrade your look.
  4. Get a nice pair of boots — every guy has trainers, so boots make you stand-out. They also can make you taller and feel like a badass.
  5. Shorten your sleeves — show and expose those triceps
  6. Clean white pair of sneakers
  7. Leather jacket — they are for badasses! You won’t look like every other guy out there.