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BY Debbie Probst April 30, 2018


6 Things {Every} Guy Needs to Be a BADASS!

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Alpha issues a disclaimer: if you enjoy being average, this video is not for you. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says this video is for those who want to kick life’s ass! He’s helping you unlock your inner badass – it’s a mind-set and differs from person-to-person.

Every Badass Should Possess These Qualities

1. Confidence-building clothing choices – jeans, tee shirt, and black leather jacket are Alpha’s go-to badass choices. When he puts on this look, he feels like a bigger badass that he is. What makes you feel confident and like you can conquer the world?

2. Your scent is one of the most powerful non-verbal communicating tool – you are more likeable when you smell amazing. The cologne is a finishing touch to feeling powerful. Experiment with new and exciting colognes with Scentbird. Sign-up for a membership and select colognes from a huge selection. Then once a month, you’re sent a new scent. You can try new scents without risk and use code ALPHAM30 for 30% off first cologne

3. Have the strength to be yourself – drop the act and be yourself!

4. Communicate with manners and respect – encourage other people

5. Ability to stand up for yourself – find your voice and strength

6. Ability to love yourself – it’s apparent on social media and the news that the world is full of people who don’t love themselves. The only person’s happiness for which you are responsible is yours. You have to love yourself and focus on you to unlock your inner badass.

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